Funeral Arrangements

Making the Funeral Arrangements

Some people wish to start the funeral arrangements as soon as possible, whilst others would prefer some time to think things through. There is no right or wrong answer. We will make an appointment for you and the funeral director, whenever you feel ready to do so. This can be in the comfort of your own home, or if you would prefer, you can visit our funeral home.

Every funeral service we arrange is totally unique to the family we are looking after. Understanding your needs is key to what we do – we listen to what you need, and create a truly personal service which includes all the individual elements you require. Further, we will always provide a full estimate of all our charges, with no hidden extras.

What decisions will I have to make?


There are many things to consider when arranging a funeral and of course we will guide you through these, below is a few things to consider

  •  Is the service to be burial or cremation?
  •  Is the service to be religious of non-religious
  •  A traditional hearse or something different?
  • Will you need following limousines?
  •  Are there particular pieces of music to be played?
  • How would you want the funeral to be announced? Newspaper, Social Media or personal invites?
  • Will there be a reception after the funeral service?
  • Do you require orders of service?
  • Will you want to visit the chapel of rest?

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